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Decent game til I beat it

I would give this game 5 stars, but once I beat the game it now has a Facebook banner across the play screen. I even allowed the FB updates, but the banner won't go away. The app is getting deleted!

Tap & pop

Great game, but why does it cut off in the middle of the game? It didn't use to do that. Other than that it's fun.

Fill Time

This game is one of my first choices when I need something to do on the bus or streetcar. While I have played through a few times, there's still plenty of challenge.

It's. ok

Something to play while using the bathroom or if bored..

What happened

What's up with the ads stuck in the middle They take the fun away it's broken


It is very fun & addictive!


Love the game is addictive!! Hate the ad interruptions !!

Great game

Highly addictive, fun.


Great game!!! It just keeps cutting off in the middle of my game.

Tap n pop

New version not as good as previous. Hate ads, so ant productive. Makes you want to boycott not buy,

Fun and addictive

Unfortunately the commercials are a huge draw back.


Great time waster! Hate ads.

Miss Rascals

Liked old version alot better. I would rather have this than nothing.

I'M ADDICTED!! Lol, I play everyday. I really like this game.

Brenda R.

Tap n' Pop

Tap n' pop is the most awesome game ever!

Tap&pop rocks

I play everyday.I have tons of games in my phone, but Tap and Pop wins my vote every time. It will be better if I don't have to skip ads every 2 levels. It bothers me.

The Best

The Best Ever


Fun and addictive game. Highly recommend this app.


Great for relaxed entertainment and just before going to sleep!

Love it


LOVE THE GAME!! Hate the videos & the ads

Great way to pass the time but HATE the ads


This game is fun but it crashes and u have to go back to level 1.

Tap n pop

It is addictive. I love this game.


This free version is too frustrating and difficult to win. It only goes to level 15, but I wouldn't be interested in buying the longer version if its like the free one.

Intrusive Ads

Spoiled by ads that interrupt play. Even with all game sounds set to lowest setting, LOUD ads make it impossible to play without disturbing everyone else in the room! Only option is to close t he app.

rap n tape

This game is awesome. addictive


It gets boring after a day or to

Tap n pop


Not too bad

Not too bad for a limited free game. Can't decide if want to purchase or not. But do far good enough for me

Like it

Fun game. Great way to pass the time


Great game....so addicted!

Fun way to pass time

This is my go to game when I have a few spare minutes. Lots of fun. Ads can be annoying.

Sometimes bored

But this is a very entertaining game. I have enjoyed very much!

More Levels

Love this game - ads are annoying, especially the video ads that are SO loud it's ridiculous! I would love to have 20 free levels instead of 15 and wouldn't mind the ads so much!! Overall GREAT FUN!!


many interruptions in the middle of the game

Still fun.

The new ads that let you skip through them are better than forced ads. (It's okay, you deserve ads to make some money.) I wish there were stats compounding day by day. I would like to see my high game score. Overall, great fun!


Fun game but hard to get past the levels. Would think they would make it a little less hard to play. Going to share some people. I think a lot of people would love it and think it is easy. Nothing surprises me!👍😃

Miss D

Too many ads!!!

Winding Down!!!!

I really enjoy this game. After a long day I play a few rounds. It helps me wind down just before I go to bed to . TKS!!!!

Ruthy punching babies


What the.....

Liked it more without the videos and when I used to get more pins and turns. I used to play it for hours. Now it's the last game I pick because of the video ads. This is a new review. It's a little better with the shorter ads but not much. Still the last game I play now. With the ads it takes too long to play when I want to play a fast game. With other games you can stop in the middle of the game and go back later. Not with this game. Still not enough 'prizes' either. Still don't play often because of the ads. If they are the short ones I may play more once in a day.


Love the game but don't play as much because of the ads/commercials. Annoying!!!!! I just want to play a quick game and go to bed without interruptions please!

No more ads please!

The ads that pop up in the middle of the game are bad enough to make me stop playing! Stop the ads

Love it

I love it. Keeps me from wanting a snack. Lol

Game has tooooo many ads

I really don't understand why you have to have soooo many ads in one game what's the point I love this game but I will have to find something else with noooo ads

Nice Game

Very nice game except the constant commercial interrupting constantly the game otherwise great game

Great Game!!

Love this game, I play it everyday. Lately there is way to many ads that pop up. Please take some of them off, it causes you to loose your train of thought while playing.

Great game

Loads of fun !

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